Top 3 Facebook live video tips

Videos on Facebook tend to perform far better than text or photo posts so it’s a no brainer than you should be doing Facebook live videos. People love to see the face of the brand so they are a great way to build up interaction with current and potential customers. We’ve picked out our top 3 best tips to help you perform better with your live videos.

1. Source the content from your following – by allowing your following to pick the type of live they want from you; you have already started engaging and got your following excited to see the topic they have chosen.

2. Let your following know in advance – many users jump on a do a live video without any prior warning to their followers and wonder why it was a flop. You need to give your following a heads up so they can be there to watch.

3. Be prepared – limit distractions – this one really does go without saying but even the smallest disruption can throw you off track. Something as simple as alerting other members of your household not to interrupt at a certain time can eliminate distractions and keep you focused.