Adding an Instagram feed to your website

Adding an Instagram feed to your website is actually a rather simple thing to do nowadays as there are lots of plugins which do this job for you, especially if your website is a WordPress site.

Instagram is often being labelled ‘the new Facebook’ and it was once a bit of a baby compared to Facebook and Twitter, but since Facebook bought the social media app, it has moved on to become a bit of a must-have social account for all kinds of businesses. If you’re taking the time to produce really good quality content on your social media accounts and Instagram in particular, then you should have that beautiful content feed through onto your website’s homepage or about section so potential customers can see that you’re ‘down with it’, and producing good quality product-focused content on a regular basis, as well as sharing positive testimonials and reviews.

Add personality to your brand with Instagram Stories

Do you know that Instagram Stories has gained enormous audience? Well, this social media platform has become a choice for many brands. Engaging followers enhance their reach, and this has the capacity to improve business.  It’s important to add personality to your brand with Instagram Stories because there is always a likelihood of followers taking action after looking at the post.

Add personality to your brand with Instagram Stories in a variety of ways and show customers behind-the-scenes of your brand. Let the customers know how their products are processed. Add value by sharing unique content e.g. having question and answer sessions. And get creative with the posts you share and engage with. Add personality to your brand with Instagram Stories in order to get ahead on the social media platform. This keeps your followers engaged and makes your new audiences aware of your products or services. Though it has gained an enormous audience, some brands are yet to take advantage of it, meaning you have the opportunity to take it and run with it.

Boosting traffic for new websites

New websites can take some time to get going in Google. There are many reasons for this, but in a general sense it’s because Google does not yet trust the website, or doesn’t find the content interesting enough for its searchers. So how do you go about getting more search traffic?

Well, it’s never easy with so many different websites out there, and probably thousands in your own niche alone, but making sure you’re publishing good quality, engaging content is a good start. Hiring an SEO expert can be a wise investment too, but their services don’t come cheap. Another option is paying for advertisements, such as those on Google (PPC), Facebook or Twitter. By directing potential customers to your websites you’ll not only get more traffic, but you can boost traffic from the right type of customers. This is from selecting the right targeting options, but all of these require some skill or expertise. So do make an effort to learn more about each of these marketing options, and see which is best for you.