The Top Five Things Users Want from a Website

Having a user-friendly website not only benefits your customers, it also benefits you. With technological developments, people’s attention spans continue to decrease. If potential customers cannot find what they need and quickly they will leave rather than faff with a long or difficult process. Here are five top tips to retaining users and turning them into customers.

1. Have a great Landing Page. When people click on your website or are lead there via a link, the first thing they see needs to be appealing.

2. The site needs to be easy to use. Having a comprehensive menu and search bar that helps the user find exactly what they need can make a huge difference. People of all technological abilities need to find it simple to use. Try having friends and family use your website to help identify any issues.

3. High performance is important. The longer it takes pages to load, the more likely people are to lose interest and leave. Also, if it takes more than 3-4 steps to get to any one point, try to find a way to reduce the steps.

4. Ensure your website is integrated with other platforms that you are on. People want to be able to see from your website, if you are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Having all of your platforms integrated and portraying the same brand and tone will build trust.

5. Ensure your website is adaptable. It is very important for the content on your website to scale appropriately for use on mobile devices so that the pictures fully visible and text is easily legible. If it is difficult to go through your website on a phone, users may just go somewhere else that is mobile friendly.