Is ‘pageless design’ the future of the web?

One page websites, also known as pageless websites, are becoming more common today and there are many companies who prefer this layout because it’s seamless, intuitive and easy to digest.

That said, having all of your information on page will only look good if you’re able to design the page with engaging visuals, whilst bite sized information is often best. There is one problem with this type of website though, it doesn’t allow for a great deal of fresh and engaging content, which Google loves. This means your Google rankings may suffer.

Only you can decide whether this type of design is right for you, but one page websites can work in some situations. Creative design agencies often use pageless design to create a story that compels visitors to action. That said, an ecommerce business selling plumbing supplies may rely on their organic traffic, and at the moment they’re giving Google plenty of fresh content with news items, blog posts, new products on different pages, so it wouldn’t make sense to create a one page website in this situation surely? That’s true but if you have a very simple message you want to get across or a portfolio you want to share, a one page website can be a fantastic idea, but we don’t think this type of design will ever be the future of the web.

Search marketers are unlikely to endorse this design, but some pageless websites do very well in Google so there are ways to achieve success. Of course, if you can create a site with an easy flowing story, pageless design can work for you. As always, it does depend on your goals and objectives, so you should think carefully about what you want to achieve before you decide whether one page web design is right for you. Make sure you spend a bit of time researching online and checking out different websites as this is usually the most important step.